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We did a lot of research in order to provide you with the necessary information and facts about the Hunter Gossamer Outdoor and Indoor Ceiling Fans, including manuals, instructions, reviews, and tips.

It’s important to tell you that you can also find the Gossamer design in the Hampton Bay Windward models of ceiling fans available at Home Depot. Therefore, it is sometimes referred to as the Hampton Bay Gossamer Windward Ceiling Fan.

Let’s start by noting that there are three versions of the Gossamer Ceiling Fan: the Indoor model, known as the Hampton Bay Windward II Ceiling Fanthe Outdoor model, known as the Hampton Bay Gossamer Lighthouse Model; and the Hampton Bay Industrial Ceiling Fan model. In this article, we will cover all three versions.

In the image below, you can clearly see the design differences among the three models. However, it is important to highlight that the Gossamer Fan design is characterized by its uniquely twisted and tapered blades, which contribute to superior airflow and efficiency.

hunter gossamer ceiling fans
Hunter Gossamer Ceiling Fans

What Makes the Hampton Bay and Hunter Gossamer Fans so Unique?

When it comes to choosing a ceiling fan, the Hampton Bay Gossamer Ceiling Fan and Hunter Gossamer Ceiling Fans offer a range of unique features that set them apart from standard ceiling fans.

One of the key factors that make them stand out is their blade design, which results in significant energy savings. In fact, these fans provide up to 100% more airflow compared to traditional ceiling fans.

One of the key design elements that contribute to the energy efficiency is the graded pitch in their blades. They feature blades that start with a 26-degree pitch and gradually taper to a 5-degree pitch at the tips. This design ensures a uniform airflow over the entire blade surface, resulting in reduced energy consumption.

In addition to the blade design, we found that these ceiling fans are equipped with a dimmable fluorescent lamp that consumes only 36 Watts of power. This lighting unit is significantly more energy-efficient compared to other ceiling fan lighting options, cutting energy consumption down to a third.

Moreover, the Hampton Bay Gossamer and Hunter Gossamer Ceiling Fans come with a convenient remote control that further helps in energy conservation. The remote control includes a temperature control unit that adjusts the fan speed based on the room temperature, ensuring optimal comfort without unnecessary energy waste. Additionally, the remote control allows you to easily switch the ceiling fan on and off as needed.

Gossamer Ceiling Fan Remote Control Unit
Gossamer Ceiling Fan Remote Control Unit

It also features a timer function, allowing you to set a specific duration for the fan operation and automatically turn it off afterward.

The Hampton Bay Gossamer Fans, also called the Hampton Bay Windward Ceiling Fan, and Hunter Gossamer Ceiling Fans are designed to be exceptionally energy-efficient, consuming only 20 Watts of energy at low speed and 65 Watts at high speed.

The motivation behind this innovation stemmed from Danny S. Parker’s aspiration to create a ceiling fan blade with enhanced aerodynamics that would significantly reduce energy consumption. Additionally, they have also published a research paper which you can read from this link: Development of an Enhanced Ceiling Fan. Interestingly, the process of finding an engineer who specialized in blade airflow efficiency at low speeds proved challenging. Most engineers were experienced in designing propeller blades that operated at high speeds.

However, the solution was found by connecting with experts in low-speed aerodynamics associated with the development of the Gossamer Albatross, a human-powered aircraft that crossed the English Channel in 1979

To bring this concept to life, Parker collaborated with AeroVironment Inc., a company well-versed in low-speed aerodynamics, to develop a more aerodynamic ceiling fan blade. This collaboration led to the invention of the Gossamer Ceiling Fan.

These enhanced Gossamer ceiling fans are available for purchase at Home Depot, both in local stores and online. King of Fans is the manufacturer of the Gossamer fans, and the Hampton Bay models, including Hampton Bay Windward Ceiling Fans, are among the offerings listed on their website.

  • Hampton Bay Windward II (available in white and black finishes)
  • Hampton Bay Windward III Gossamer
  • Hampton Bay Windward IV
  • Hampton Bay Industrial Ceiling Fan

How Energy Efficient Is the Gossamer Ceiling Fan Compared to Other Fans

Low Speed Fan Performance and Efficiency in Comparison with Other Brands

ValueEmerson Ceiling Fan CF705Emerson Ceiling Fan CF4852Hunter
Breeze Ceiling Fan
Hampton Bay Gossamer
CFM (cubic feet per minute)  1087  1001  1865  1907
  Wattage  9.6  7.7  8.7  9.1
 CFM/W  113  130  214  210

High Speed Fan Performance and Efficiency in Comparison with Other Brands

Value Emerson Ceiling Fan CF705Emerson Ceiling Fan CF4852Hunter
Breeze Ceiling Fan
Hampton Bay Gossamer
  CFM (cubic feet per minute)  3110  6057  5339  6471
  Wattage  50.2  93.1  74.8  49.6
 CFM/Watt  61.9  65.1  71.4  130.5

The table above compares low and high-speed fan performance and efficiency among different brands: Emerson Ceiling Fan CF705, Emerson Ceiling Fan CF4852, Hunter Summer Breeze Ceiling Fan, and Hampton Bay Gossamer.

The Gossamer model proves to be exceptionally efficient, featuring a remarkable 111% higher air-moving efficiency compared to the Emerson CF705 Ceiling Fan.

Review of the Hunter Gossamer 55-inch Ceiling Fan

The Fan receives a positive review overall, especially considering its price point.

I purchased and installed a couple of these fans, one for the kitchen and one for the bedroom.

One good feature is the included video for setup instructions, making installation an easy and simple, even for first-timers.

The fan operates quietly while effectively circulating a significant amount of air for its size.

Its sleek and modern design adds to the appeal.

The fan’s compatibility with the Bond system allows for seamless integration with Google or Alexa Assistant, enabling convenient home automation.

The addition of spare LED bulbs is another appreciated bonus, saving the problem of finding and replacing bulbs immediately.

After enjoying the performance of these ceiling fans for a few months, I am already planning to purchase a third one for my master bedroom, emphasizing the excellent value of such an attractive and easy-to-install fan.

With a total of 1192 reviews, the fan has earned an impressive overall score of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars from other customers. An overwhelming 84% of customers would recommend this fan, indicating widespread satisfaction among buyers.

Download the Hunter Gossamer Ceiling Fan Manual

To download your PDF copy of the Hunter Gossamer 55 inch Ceiling Fan Manual, you need to click the download link below.

Download the Hunter Gossamer 55 inch Ceiling Fan Manual Here

The manual provides the Hunter Gossamer Ceiling Fan basics below:

  • Getting Ready – What Tools You Will Need to Install
  • How to Install the Ceiling Plate (Step-by-Step Guide)
  • Hanging and Assembling the Hunter Gossamer Fan (Instructions)
  • Wiring the Ceiling Fan (Guidance on wiring)
  • Installing the Fan Canopy Trim Ring and Ceiling Fan Canopy (instructions)
  • Assembling and Installing the Gossamer Ceiling Fan Blades (Step-by-Step Guide)
  • Doing the Ceiling Fan Installation With a Multi-Staked Lighting Fixture
  • Cleaning and Operating Your Hunter Gossamer 55 inch Ceiling Fan (Maintenance Tips)
  • Troubleshooting & FAQ (How to troubleshoot it)

Download the Hunter Gossamer 55 inch Ceiling Fan Manual Here

In the Hunter Gossamer Ceiling Fan troubleshooting section, you will find detailed instructions on addressing various issues, including excessive wobbling and noisy operation, among other common ceiling fan problems.

If you are looking for replacement parts for your Hunter Ceiling Fan, our article on Hunter Ceiling Fan Parts will guide you in locating the necessary components.

Additionally, if you want to pair your Hunter Fan with a Remote, our article on How To Pair Hunter Fan Remote offers step-by-step instructions for a smooth setup process.

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