Hunter Ceiling Fan Replacement Parts

I have personally reached out to various manufacturers and retailers in order to find the most effective method for getting the replacement parts for your ceiling fans. Below, I have provided a summary of my research, which I believe will be valuable to you in obtaining any necessary replacement parts.

The best source to get Hunter Ceiling Fan Parts is by directly contacting their Residential Support Telephone number at 1.888.830.1326. They are available to assist you Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 6 pm CST, and on Saturdays from 11:00 am to 5 pm CST. Additionally, you can visit their website at, where you will find a wide range of options, including several nearby dealers.

That was the concise answer, but I encourage you to continue reading for a comprehensive overview that presents various alternatives for locating the replacement parts you may require.

The key information you will need to start your search for the desired part is the Model name or Ceiling Fan name.

What is the model number on Hunter Fan

To find your Hunter Fan Model, visit and navigate to the Help Centre section in the top menu bar. Click on the option labeled “Replacement Parts and Owner’s Manual” from the drop-down box that appears. This selection will redirect you to a page where you can enter your Model Name.

Additionally, on that same page, you will find a link to a video titled “How To Find Your Model Number” This video will guide you through the process of identifying the Model Name and number of your ceiling fan.

Please watch the video below for a demonstration on How To Find Your Model Number.

After watching the video above, you will discover several ways to locate the model number of your ceiling fan. Here are the different methods:

  1. Installation Manual or Part Guide: The model number can typically be found in the installation manual or part guide that was included with your ceiling fan.
  2. Ceiling Fan Box: The model number is also displayed on the outside of the box in which your ceiling fan was packaged.
  3. Fan Itself: On the fan unit, the model number can be located in different areas based on the type of fan:

If you have a fan with a downrod, check the top of the motor housing for an ID sticker. Look for the number immediately following the term “MOD.”

If you have a low profile or “Hugger” fan, the ID sticker can be found on the mounting bracket. Once again, look for the number directly after the word “MOD.”

According to the website, they offer a wide range of Hunter fan parts, including replacement shades, downrods, light kits, and even specialty bulbs.

Once you have identified your model name or number, simply enter it into the ceiling fan parts finder located at This tool will present you with a list of available parts for your specific ceiling fan.

You need to keep in mind that not all replacement and repair parts are available for individual purchase through Certain items, such as wattage limiters, capacitors, and switches, may not be offered for sale separately.

If you prefer contacting Hunter directly, here are the phone numbers to reach them based on whether it’s a Residential or Industrial inquiry:

  • Hunter Residential Support: 1.888.830.1326
  • Monday to Friday: 8 am to 6 pm Central Standard Time (CST)
    • Saturday: 11 am to 5 pm Central Standard Time (CST)
  • Hunter Industrial Support: 1.844.593.3267
  • Monday to Friday: 8 am to 6 pm Central Standard Time (CST)

If you would rather send an email, you can use their online support form or send an email to

For written correspondence or visiting their premises, here is the physical address of Hunter Ceiling Fans:

  • Hunter Fans 7130 Goodlett Farms Parkway Suite 400 Memphis, TN 38016 USA

If you are located outside the United States, Hunter has international locations that can assist you. To find the contact details of a Hunter Fan representative in your country, please visit this URL: International Representative

Within the United States, there are also numerous dealers located in various cities and states. To find a dealer near you, you can go to this link:

Registering your ceiling fan is recommended by us as it provides an easy way to find your model number and obtain proof of purchase. Registration can be done quickly and easily online by clicking HERE.

If you are still having difficulty locating your Hunter Ceiling Fan part, you can use the Chat Support feature on the website

As previously mentioned, not all parts are available for individual purchase. Instead, they recommend using a complete wiring harness for your ceiling fan model to facilitate fast, safe, and simple repairs.

A wiring harness kit may be more costly than replacing a single part, but it includes all the necessary components, even if only the capacitor needs replacement.

Below is a picture of a complete wiring harness.

wire harness
Hunter Ceiling Fan Wire Harness

The Wire Harness is responsible for powering the lights in your Hunter ceiling fan. If the lights are no longer functioning, it may be time to replace the Wire Harness.

After research, we have come to know that sells the wire harness, which is sourced directly from Hunter and OEM approved. Ensure you have your ceiling fan model number and check the “Model Cross Reference List” to confirm compatibility.

If you want to get in touch with, you can use the following details:

  • Telephone Number: Telephone: 1-877-346-4809 Daily: 8 am-10 pm EST Email Address:
  • Physical Address: 60 Dorey Ave, Dartmouth, NS B3B 0B1 Canada

When visiting the website, ensure you enter “Hunter Ceiling Fan” in the search box at the top. This will display a list of available Hunter parts. Wiring harness kits are also sold on

Using Amazon To Find Hunter Fan Replacement Parts

After reviewing Amazon, we found several parts compatible with various models of Hunter fans.

To perform a search for Hunter fan accessories, use the following search term in the search box: “Hunter Ceiling Fan Accessories“.

The results will include a variety of parts, such as shades, switches, downrods, remotes, light kits, and capacitors. You have to read the listing descriptions and reviews to ensure compatibility with your specific model.

Locating Hunter Replacement Parts at Lowes

Since Lowe’s is an authorized dealer of Hunter and has outlets in most cities, they are worth mentioning.

However, please note that they primarily stock complete Hunter ceiling fans, although some parts such as light kits and glass shades may be available.

You can contact Lowe’s Customer Care at 1-800-445-6937, available from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. (ET), 7 days a week. Alternatively, you can email them at

Hunter Replacement Glass Shades, Shades & Globes

Glass shades are a great way to reduce harsh lighting and enhance the overall aesthetic of your Hunter ceiling fan and room design. The right glass shade can refine the elegant look of a new Hunter fan or update the style of an older one.

To locate Hunter Ceiling Fan Replacement Glass Shades and Globes, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Use the search box and enter “Glass Shades”.
  3. Alternatively, navigate to Accessories -> Glass Shades in the top menu.
  4. You can also use this direct link:

Adding an elegant glass shade can complement the surrounding home décor and furniture, transforming an entire room. For a traditional living space, consider choosing an Amber glass shade to add warmth and ambiance.

In a modern space, you will need a sleek style with white, opal, or opaque glass shades that will complement the overall aesthetic.

How To Select a Replacement Glass Shade

When choosing a replacement glass shade for your Hunter ceiling fan, there are a few steps to follow. First, ensure that you get the right size by taking accurate measurements. Measure the opening of your existing glass shade before purchasing a replacement. offers a wide variety of sizing options, including 8-inch and 10-inch glass bowls and globes for larger ceiling fan lights.

They also have smaller side glass shades available in 2.25-inch styles, designed for Hunter ceiling fans with multiple bulbs.

If you are unsure about the size of shade to choose for your Hunter fan, contacting the Hunter Residential Support number at 1.888.830.1326 is a good starting point.

For a good selection of glass shades and globes, you can check Amazon using the search term, Hunter Fan Glass Shades.

How to Get Hunter Fan Replacement Light Kits

hunter ceiling fan light kits
How To Find Hunter Ceiling Fan Light Kits
Hunter Fan Company, 99164, Original® Damp-Rated Traditional Globe Light Kit, White
  • White Finish
  • Uses One 19 Watt compact fluorescent bulbs (included)
  • Fitter is Included
  • Damp Rated for indoor or outdoor use

To find Hunter fan replacement light kits, the best place to start is by using the Accessories menu on the website and selecting Light Kits.

A list of available light kits with pricing will be displayed. Make sure you have the model number of your ceiling fan on hand to ensure compatibility with the light kit you purchase.

While there are a few light kits available on Amazon, it is important to carefully read the descriptions or questions to determine which model numbers they are compatible with.

Use the search term “Hunter Ceiling Fan Light Kit” to explore the different options. As always, it is recommended to check the reviews to be aware of any potential issues.

As mentioned earlier, you can also use the method mentioned in this article to locate dealerships near you. This is beneficial if you prefer visiting a store and speaking directly with someone. Viewing a light kit in person can also assist you in making the right purchase decision.

How To Find The Best Hunter Fan Replacement Blades

To locate the best Hunter fan replacement blades, you may need to explore options outside of the website.

While I couldn’t find any replacement blades on their website, you can try searching on the Wayfair website. Wayfair offers compatible blades that will fit Hunter Ceiling Fans. For example, the Wojtowicz Ceiling Fan Blades are compatible with Hunter Ceiling Fans, but be sure to check the product description for compatibility information.

In addition to Wayfair, visiting a dealer may be the best way to find the right replacement blades for your fan.

Hunter Replacement Remotes

For replacement remotes, a universal remote will work just fine. You can find a variety of universal remotes on Amazon. You can reach the best options by using the term “Hunter Fan Remote“. Amazon offers several remotes specifically designed for Hunter fans. Be sure to choose one that suits your needs.

If you are looking for programming instructions for your Hunter fan, this article will help you: How to pair hunter fan remote – pairing and programming and Hunter Fan Remote Troubleshooting Guide.

Hunter Replacement Bulbs

To replace bulbs, it is recommended to go directly to

However, it might be challenging to find the replacement bulbs directly on their website. It is best to call them using the telephone number provided at the beginning of this article for assistance in finding the specific bulbs you need.

Hunter Replacement Motors

For Hunter replacement motors, you can visit Hunter Ceiling Fans at It is also important to check the warranty, as Hunter provides a limited lifetime warranty on motor parts.

It is worth noting that until 2002, Hunter Fan motors were built and manufactured in the USA using cast iron, making them virtually indestructible. These motors were designed to last. However, the current motors only have an exterior cast iron housing.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Warranty

The motor carries a limited lifetime warranty. If there is any defect in the motor’s workmanship or material, they will give a free replacement.

Similarly, other parts have a one-year limited warranty in case of any defect in the workmanship or materials.

To ensure coverage, it is advisable to review the Warranty section on Hunter’s website. Certain instances may not be covered by the warranty. For a comprehensive understanding of the warranty, please read the following link: Check Warranty Information Here

Do Hunter Ceiling Fans Have a Lifetime Warranty

Hunter ceiling fan motors are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Additionally, all other parts are backed by a one-year limited warranty.

Do All Hunter Light Kits Fit All Hunter Fans

Yes, Hunter light kits are universally designed to fit any Hunter ceiling fan model. However, they are not interchangeable with light kits from other brands.

Final Words

For the most reliable source of obtaining Hunter Ceiling Fan replacement parts, it is recommended to directly contact Hunter Fans or one of their distributors. Alternatively, you can explore the option of finding ceiling fan parts on Amazon.

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