Ceiling Fans Under 1000 Dollars

This article is aimed at those who are looking for more qualities and fancy features in a ceiling fan. All the models listed in this countdown offer superior performance and efficiency. Although ceiling fan range in price from $40 up to few hundred dollars, there are other pricier units on the market for those who are willing to spend a little bit more. Therefore, if you are looking for a ceiling fan that is priced over $500, but not willing to invest more than 1000 dollars, then you have landed on the right page. If you are still unsure about what you should pay for a ceiling fan here’s a guide to help.

Ceiling fans add great value to any house. They provide the house with pleasant air movement and often come with a lighting feature that enhances the decorative touch. Picking the best ceiling fan for your house is an important decision and when done properly, it can add charm and beauty to the décor of the house. Ceiling fans come in a variety of types and styles. Before we dig into all the important factors that you should have in mind before you invest in a ceiling fan under 1000 dollars, let’s take a closer look at the top picks in our countdown.

Best High End Ceiling Fan Under 1,000$

Minka-Aire F887-96-BN

  • Designed with a brushed nickel body
  • Six-speed hand-held remote
  • 96in with 4° Blade Pitch
  • Included 3.5in downrod

Minka-Aire F715-TSP

  • (2) 50 Watt Mini-Can Halogen bulbs
  • Aged Champagne Glass
  • Three-speed wall control
  • 68in with 14° Blade Pitch

Kichler 300018BAB

  • 188mm x 25mm Motor
  • Five Reversible Elm Burl / Poplar Burl Blades
  • Three-speed hand-held remote
  • (4) Bulbs with Fresnel Lens Glass

Minka-Aire F602-RRB

  • 82mm x 25mm Motor
  • 42in Span / 20° Blade Pitch
  • (1) 100 W Mini-Can Halogen Bulb
  • Metal, Glass Material

Minka-Aire F887-96-BN Ceiling Fan

Our first pick is a robust, efficient ceiling fan that is designed for high ceilings in wide rooms. It has a resilient, clean design that combines utility and aesthetics. Moreover, it comes in two finishing designs that feature oil rubbed bronze and brushed nickel. This unit fits the extra-large fan style category and features nine 4 degree pitch silver colored blades and four wing span sizes depending on the size of your room – 72″,80″,88″ and 96″.

Additionally, it comes with a highly efficient DC 165mm x 25mm motor with various-speed levels that drives the blades 51 to 72 RPM. This is one of the energy-efficient units on the market, and the power it consumes is the optimum desirable for such a multiple wing fan. The energy that drives this motor is 110 volts, which is the standard in most households and commercial buildings. This Minka fan features an impressive airflow rate of 13080 CFM while the industry standard is usually 5755 CFM. With this massive capacity of moving air, this unit will provide an excellent cooling effect in larger space.

Furthermore, the broad blade span means that the cooling concentration is spread over a wide area. This allows you to work further away from the fan, thus preventing ruffled papers or rattling of items on your working desk. This is a money saver for your electricity bill, enabling you to raise your thermostat by up to 2 degrees.

At last, there are three speed settings to choose from that include – high, medium and low. For mounting, the fan requires a floor to ceiling height of 92″ and for this unit, the mounting options include a 3 1/2″ and 6″ downrods which give a clearance of the legally mandated 7 feet from the floor. For good measure, the fan comes with a remote control for flexible operation. Plus, there is a limited lifetime motor warranty and 1-year warranty on all other pieces.

MINKA-AIRE F887-96-BN Xtreme 96 Inch Big Ceiling Fan with DC Motor in Brushed Nickel...
  • DESIGN: Sleek, Contemporary and Industrial in design, the Minka-Aire Xtreme 96"...
  • INCLUDED: One RC400 - Six-speed hand-held remote with On/Off plus full-range...
  • MOTOR: Conveniently quiet, 6 speed - reversible DC motor. Run Summer and Winter...
  • DIMENSIONS: Measures 11'' from the ceiling to the lowest point of the fan with...
  • ADDITIONAL: Requires Bond hub BD-1000 (sold separately) to work with Amazon...

Minka-Aire F715-TSP Ceiling Fan

Here we have a refined energetic and powerful ceiling fan that is the embodiment of class and energy conservation. It comes with a built-in mini can halogen light (two bulbs which are included) that has a wall mounted remote control which enhances the room ambiance while obviating the need for additional wiring.

It is elegantly designed and features five blades with a 68″ wingspan size with a 14-degree blade pitch. Additionally, it includes two downlight bulbs that use 100 watts. The lights are remote controlled for easy convenience, and the power source is the normal 110 volts socket.

Airflow capacity refers to the breeze that you can feel when you stand underneath the fan and this ceiling fan features an airflow capacity of 5500 CFM with 1.98 mph wind to ensure a smooth breeze and quiet operation. That way, you can experience the ideal conditions when working or doing your daily activities.

Additionally, the fan tilt and 68″ span also ensures a broad sweep of the five blades that encompass the whole room. It is very easy to mount this unit as it comes with two downrods, a 3 1/2″ and a 12″ pipe that are supplied for convenient installation. However, have in mind that this unit should not be flush mounted. The three fan speed settings, high, medium and low, are controlled by a wall mounted switch. Overall, this is an elegant fan that bathes your room in light that shines through an aged champagne glass cover, and it comes with a lifetime warranty to ensure a fair deal.

Minka-Aire F715-TSP, Napoli, 68" Ceiling Fan with Light & Wall Control, Tuscan Patina
  • Minka Aire ceiling fan includes (2) 50 Watt Mini-Can Halogen bulbs with Aged...
  • Designed with a tuscan patina body, this indoor ceiling fan was crafted with...
  • Control included: WCS212 - Three-speed wall control with full-range light...
  • Dimensions: Measures 17.6'' from the ceiling to the bottom of the fan with the...
  • Includes 3.5" and 12" Downrods and Angled Ceiling Adapter. Can be mounted up to...

Kichler 300018BAB Ceiling Fan

The Kichler ceiling fan is one of the most popular pick and has received fantastic reviews from happy users. This five-blade fan features a reversible design, with one side of each blade finished in Elm Burl and the other side comes in Poplar Burl for added versatility. Moreover, the stylish metal construction offers a burnished antique brass finish for a vintage look.

This fan can move air up to 5515 cubic feet per minute, making it a good choice for bigger rooms. It is ideal to mount this ceiling fan in large, open space with high ceiling height to enjoy maximum air flow experience all year-round. This fan offers a 120-volt motor with a reversible spin switch that pushes air downward, which keeps rooms cool during the summer and provide warm airflow during the winter.

The Kichler includes everything you need for a hassle-free mounting as it comes with a downrod to mount on standard or angled ceilings. There are also three-speed levels to choose from that you control through the included remote. You can also use the remote to reverse the spin direction for comfortable year-round air flow experience.

This Kichler fan features an integrated downlight with a glass lens shade, which makes it a perfect all-in-one illumination solution for your home. The light fixture takes a single incandescent bulb and handles up to 80 watts for comfortable light. Use the control to set the light via a dimming mechanism that allows you to adjust the brightness upward or downward with a single button push.

Furthermore, users are extremely happy with their purchase, and they report that this fan has an extra-quiet operation, making it an unobtrusive addition to your home without sacrificing ventilation and air flow. A limited lifetime warranty guarantees this fan from defects. Overall, this fan is a great quality choice that offers an attractive aesthetic and multiple functions, and we recommend it for consumers looking for high air flow output.

Kichler 300018BAB 56-Inch Hatteras Bay Fan, Burnished Antique Brass
  • 22.5 in H x 56 in W; 33 lb
  • Requires (4) T3 bulbs, included
  • Burnished Antique Brass finish with Fresnel Lens glass
  • Available in Burnished Antique Brass, Brushed Stainless Steel, Oil Brushed...
  • Suitable for dry locations

Minka-Aire F602-RRB Ceiling Fan

Here is a top quality ceiling fan with a unique industrial style that boasts a perfect 5-star rating by extremely satisfied users. Its stylish bronze body, beautiful opal glass light shade, and dual-fan design make it an excellent aesthetic choice for contemporary or transitional home decor.

You can mount the Gyro fan anywhere using the included angled ceiling adapter and two 3.5” and 6” downrods that offer convenient versatility. The adapter allows you to mount the fan on ceilings angled 21 to 45 degrees, or mount it without the adapter for traditional ceilings. Rather than having exposed blades, the Gyro has two hidden three-blade fans encased in industrial-look metal cages.

This powerful fan offers 5050 CFM airflow with a 120-volt motor that offers adequate airflow for moderate to large rooms. Switch between three speeds using a wall switch control, and use the reverse function to change the direction of the airflow. This is especially useful for ventilating rooms with poor climate control by sucking warm air up and pushing cool air down during the summer.

The Gyro is a great choice for lighting your industrial-themed room, thanks to its vintage-look, etched opal glass light encasement that holds a single 100-watt mini-can halogen bulb. This single bulb offers comfortable lighting, making it perfect for kitchens, offices, or anywhere else that requires good light quality.

This fan does come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which you can request from the vendor at the time of purchase and includes lifetime limited warranty. Overall, customers are extremely satisfied with this high-quality fan, making it a fantastic purchase and a great, functional addition to your home decor.

Minka-Aire F602-RBB Gyro 42 Inch Twin Turbo Ceiling Fan in Restoration Bronze Finish
  • DESIGN: The Minka-Aire Gyro indoor ceiling fan allow for precise control of...
  • BULB: The Gyro ceiling fan includes an integrated Light Kit with 1-100W Mini-Can...
  • INCLUDED: WCS212 - Three-speed wall control with On/Off plus full-range light...
  • MOTOR: Conveniently quiet, 3 speed - reversible motor. Run Summer and Winter to...
  • DIMENSIONS: Measures 15.75'' from the ceiling to the lowest point of the fan...

59165 Contemporary Stealth DC LED Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan from Casablanca offers a lifetime of exceptional overall performance and quiet operation using an ultra-powerful DC motor that provides more efficient airflow than any other motor on the market today. This unit provides 53-inch blade span and the motor spins five, white heavy-duty blades that can produce 6142 cubic feet per minute airflow by using only 32 watts. This air flow rate delivers 190 cubic feet per minute per watt air flow efficiency that makes this Energy Star approved ceiling fan.

You can reverse the spin direction with the reverse-switch that can also be set using the remote control. Reversing the blade enables you to generate updraft airflow during winter and downdraft during hot summer days. Just like every leading manufacturer in the ceiling fan business, the Casablanca team offers a lifetime warranty on this unit to ensure its quality and durability.

Hunter Fan Company 59165 Casablanca Stealth Indoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Remote...
  • CONTEMPORARY CEILING FAN: The modern industrial Stealth fan comes with LED light...
  • MULTI-SPEED REVERSIBLE FAN MOTOR: DC motor delivers ultra-powerful airflow with...
  • LED LIGHT KIT: Energy-efficient dimmable LED light bulbs let you control the...
  • UNIVERSAL HANDHELD REMOTE: Adjust the brightness of light and speed of the snow...
  • ROOM PLACEMENT: Indoor fan is height adjustable, via the included 3" and 2"...

Savoy House 34-327-FD-11 Ceiling Fan

Our next selection is also one of the most elegant ceiling fan in our countdown, and this is the awesome Levantara from the Savoy House team. This unit was engineered to improve your health with the help of state-of-the-art technology that generates negatively charged ions while operating. These molecules can be found in places where you breathe fresh air, for example near mountains, beaches or waterfalls and these ions will make you feel refreshed by increasing the oxygen flow in your body to your brain. That way, you will have m energy and you will feel more active. Moreover, this is the only fan on the market that is developed to minimize the tiny molecules that trigger common irritations, such as cough and sneeze.

This unit features eight energy efficient light sources that take 13 watt CFL light bulbs. It measures 34 inches in diameter and 40.5 inch tall with 18-inch downrod for standard or angled ceilings. The motor is extremely powerful, but silent and provides excellent air movement along with the 20-degree blade pitch. This item generates 2394 cubic feet per minute air flow for smaller to medium sized rooms. On top of that, there is a lifetime warranty from the Savoy House company.

Savoy House 34-327-FD-11 Transitional Levantara Air-Ionizing 8LT Fan d'Lier, Polished...
  • Family: Levantara
  • Height: 40.50 inches Width: 34.00 inches
  • Style: transitional
  • Finish: Polished Chrome
  • Safety rating: UL and

Things to Consider Before Buying a Ceiling Fan Under $1000

First you need to decide where the fan would be placed. In most cases, ceiling fans are installed in the room’s center. This will allow smooth airflow throughout the room. Sometimes, more spacious rooms require two fans. Ceiling fans consume the same amount of electric power as a number of ceiling lighting fixtures. But it is important to check the electrical circuit to prevent it from overloading. Depending on the room décor, you may prefer fans with lighting fixtures. But make sure the circuit can handle both the ceiling fan and the light.

Also, you need to consider the size of the room by measuring the space available for the ceiling fan. This will help you to choose the right size that fits your room. These ceiling fans are hung on the ceiling, so the height of your room must be considered. Measure how low the fan can be hung without getting in your way. You should also take the ceiling slope into consideration. For sloped ceilings, special mounting systems may be required, in order to install the ceiling fan in a way that the blade rotation is parallel to your floor.

When buying a high-end fan, determine the kind of finish that you would need. These come in a wide range of decorative metals, like gold, chrome, bronze, antique, pewter, brass etc. There is also various wood designs, such as oak, teak, pine, cherry, etc. Check with the seller if the fan has tarnish, scratch and rust-resistant finishes. Have in mind that you can also invest in ceiling fans that are designed for use in dry locations.

However, there are times when the fans may be required in rooms which have a considerable amount of humidity (such as bathroom, kitchen or indoor pool). For use in such rooms, look for fans that are resistant to water, rust and mold growth. Make sure that all the components, like pull chains, fan direction switches, and light switches, are of high quality. Some fans also come with wall-mounted or handheld remote control units, which allow you to adjust the direction, the light level and speed easily.

How to Choose the Correct Size

Premium ceiling fans come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, which makes it difficult to determine the size of fan that you need. The following tips will help you choose the correct size ceiling fan for your house. Measure the area of your room in terms of square footage. Simply take measurements of the room’s length and width and then multiply the figures together to get the area. This will help you understand what fan diameter would fit in the room.

Check a ceiling fan sizing guide to find out what fan sweep (diameter) will be appropriate for your room. For example, rooms smaller than 75 square feet should have a ceiling fan that is less than 36 inches in diameter. For rooms measuring 75 to 144 square feet, the ceiling fan diameter should be 36 to 42 inches. For more spacious rooms, with an area of around 225 square feet or larger, a 50-52 inch blade diameter or even wider is best.

Additionally, you have to measure the room height. The ceiling fan should be installed high enough where it cannot hit someone. Larger fans often have a larger ceiling drop, so you need to consider their drop when picking the correct fan size for your room. According to the American Lighting Association, a ceiling fan should be installed at least 7 feet from the floor. Here’s some more information about ceiling fans that you might be interested in.

Importance of Motor Quality

Motor is the most important part of a ceiling fan and ceiling fans come with a wide range of motors to fulfill various performance, style and even price requirements. Smaller, less costly motors are not made to precision and cannot move sufficient air, so over time, they tend to wobble and develop noise. On the other hand, larger high-performance motors in more pricier ceiling fans can efficiently move maximum air, thanks to their precision-design which guarantees a lifetime of quiet, stable and dependable performance.

Each fan motor is appropriate for various situations and here are the two major types of fan motors and their purposes. The K55 motor is one of the most popular, long-lasting, but pricier fan motor that was developed in the 70s. The major advantage of the K55 is that it allows the use of wider blades with a pitch of 14 – 16 degrees which increases the air movement.

On the other hand, the DC motor is the most technologically advanced and energy-efficient high-performance fan motor available today. During operation, it uses up to 75 percent less energy and generates more power and air movement. Energy cost savings can hit as high as USD 70 per year. It is the most costly motor in construction, but it uses less electricity and delivers better performance.

Qualities of a Ceiling Fan

Choose a high-quality ceiling fan because a poor quality and cheap fan just means more trouble. Not only will a poor quality fan wobble, but it will also not circulate ample air at a certain RPM. While speed controls the amount of air being moved, design and blade pitch (the angle between the blade and horizontal) also play a major role.

High-quality fans have motors with more power, which allow for higher blade pitch. On the other hand, the motors of cheap fans are not powerful enough to withstand the air resistance of higher blade pitch, and this forces the manufacturer to minimize the blade pitch to prevent the motor from burning out. Also, poor quality fans produce noise.

While high-quality fans are generally expensive, they are not priced unreasonably high. Another thing you need to look at when it comes to fan quality is its efficiency and effectiveness. You will need a ceiling fan that functions well, moves air around the house and keeps you cool.

The efficiency rating of ceiling fans is often given in terms of cubic feet per minute. This figure indicates the amount of air the fan can move. The higher the figure, the more air the ceiling fan can move. Remember that a higher figure may also translate to more noise.

Final Points

All the ceiling fans listed above come with a price, but they all feature top-quality design and performance. Your final decision depends on your budget and based on your expense plan, you will be able to find something that fits your needs and demands. It can be a budget-friendly fan or a high-end ceiling fan, like the ones listed here above. Your very first step in the selection process is to understand your needs and figure out if your desired fan fits the room. Then you need to find out if it provides the ideal airflow to match your requirements.

If you can invest in a top rated ceiling fan, you should seriously consider your options above. Although that some of the units may be pricey, all of them come with lengthy warranty periods and quality features that you cannot find in a ceiling fan priced below the 500 dollar mark. Therefore, by upgrading your budget, you will save money over the long-run. A top-quality ceiling fan from a leading manufacturer will not only improve the airflow in your room but also maximize your comfort. All of the brands listed above come with a lifetime warranty to ensure durability and performance.

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