56-Inch Casa Esperanza Teak Finish Blades Ceiling Fan Review

The Casa Esperanza ceiling fan is a product of the Casa Vieja brand. This Casa Vieja brand is colored brown and is regarded as an Art Deco style with five dark brown blades. This fan has a stylish design and an elegant look that adds traditional elegance to your home interiors. This classy, romantic, and decorative fan has a bronze finish and will keep you comfortable while at home. It is a popular choice for users who want to give their home a contemporary and modern look. It has an integrated light kit, a switch, and shaded teak finishes. Some of its key features include gold & bronze finish, 56-Inch blade span, motor, a blade pitch of 14 degrees, wall control feature, integrated light kit, and 50-watt bulbs.


The Casa Esperanza fan has a unique design with five shaded blades and gold and bronze finishes. Its classy appearance is the reason why many people love this fan. The design of this fan is a mix of modern and vintage style art. This design, combined with an efficient motor, provides you with fantastic capabilities. It goes without saying that the motor is a very crucial component of any ceiling fan. Furthermore, a motor that is undersized or improperly constructed can result in higher operating temperatures. Therefore, the Casa Esperanza uses a top-notch electrical motor that comes with a lifetime warranty. The electricity usage for this motor is 102 watts and this excludes the electricity used by the bulbs.

Casa Vieja 56" Casa Esperanza Vintage Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light LED Remote Control...
  • UL listed. 56" blade span. 14-degree blade pitch. 120 x 20 mm DC motor. Canopy...
  • Light comes with two 6 watt candelabra base dimmable LED bulbs. 800 lumens....
  • Bronze and gold finish motor. Five shaded teak finish blades. Warm scavo glass...
  • Includes one 4 1/2” and one 10” downrod. Minimum 9-foot ceiling required...
  • Included 10” downrod (or longer optional downrod) must be used if installing...

This fan comes with five blades that span 56 inches. The five-blade design gives this fan a classical appeal and a shaded teak-finish. The fan blades usually come in various forms including plastic, acrylic, steel, towel, faux wood, hand, and timber. The Casa Esperanza blades have been designed to prevent warping by being able to overcome the effects of moisture. They are also well-secured and can resist staining, blistering, fading, and corrosion. They have easy to fix turning that enables them to turn counterclockwise in cosy weather conditions to cool you down and spins in a clockwise position to warm you during the cool climatic conditions.

The height difference between the ceiling and the blade is 15.75 inches while the one between the ceiling and the bottom of the light kit is 22.05 inches. The canopy size is 6.3 inches wide,and 2.4 inches high and the down rod is 4.5 inches. The 10-inch down rod has also been included to take care of the ceilings that are placed slightly higher than normal. For optimal performance, the fan should be placed in the middle of the room and at least 8 feet above the floor. Ideally, the positioning of the fan should be around 9 feet above the floor. The size of the fan is 56 inches, and this is good enough to handle spaces as big as 400 square feet. The blade pitch is 14 degrees which makes it good enough to facilitate effective blood circulation.

This fan also has a light kit and a lighting fixture just like most other ceiling fans. The light kit comes with two mini halogen 50-watt bulbs. These bulbs have an elegant finish and give this device a more functional role as it holds two electronics in one unit. There is an E11 base of mini candelabra size included in the package. To avoid failure of the bulbs during installation, you should avoid touching halogen bulbs using bare hands. The airflow for this fan is 5991 cu-ft per minute while the airflow efficiency is 65 cu-ft per minute for every watt of power. There is also an included wall control feature with dimmable light.


The 56-Inch Casa Esperanza fan brings together stylish design, modern-day art, and an efficient motor. One of its benefits is that it offers efficient energy consumption and extraordinary airflow circulation level. This fan will significantly reduce your electricity bills. The blade system has been designed in a quality way to ensure quiet operation of the motor and smooth working. This maintains the room temperature and ensures efficient circulation of air.


This fan’s blades have been designed in a bulky and balanced manner to prevent wobbling during shipment. After installing the fan, you need to ensure that it is steady enough. The connections need to be firmly fastened and effectively straightened for proper placement. Any misaligned blade needs to be flexed delicately to avoid damaging them. A balancing package is included to help you correct any misalignment issues.

Due to the extra weight the ceiling fan carries, it is important to ensure there are additional support and solid anchors to the ceiling joist. If the joist is not located in the room you are installing the fan, you can use a special mounting brace that has spiked ends. You may need to call in an electrician to help you deal with issues of circuitry and effective installation of both the fan and the lighting fixture.


This fan is a great solution to your home needs because of its range of functionalities, quality features, and a friendly price tag. Most people who have bought this fan have expressed their satisfaction with the product. If for any reason you are not happy with the product you receive, there is a one year warranty period within which you can get your product fixed or even return it altogether. The motor and its part comes with a lifetime warranty as an indicator of its top quality. You can purchase this unit knowing that it has everything you require in a ceiling fan.


Any modern homeowner would love the idea of mixing classic furnishes and modern touches. The Casa Esperanza ceiling fan has an impressive and handsome furnishing that features a gold and bronze finishing on a decorative scroll. It has a well-designed motor alongside its five shaded and durable blades.

The recent developments in the ceiling fan technology have made it possible to install the Casa Esperanza fan and enjoy a range of money-saving benefits that come with it. The cooling effects of this fan can decrease the temperatures with as much as 7 degrees during the summer season. Its warming effects can increase the temperatures during the winter period and save you the heating costs by up to 10 percent.

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