Best Minka Aire Ceiling Fans Reviews 2024

The Minka Aire team makes several of the most eye-catching ceiling fans on the market. Moreover, several of their collections have made headlines on top lists based on aesthetics and first-class performance. Their ceiling fans are perfect for those who are looking for a ceiling fan that includes both elegance and efficiency. It should therefore not come as a great surprise that Minka Aire has a product on the top 10 list for the best ceiling fans.

Minka Aire Company is known for delivering only top-rated products, and all of their ceiling fans are fantastic decoration piece that fit any room and will blend well along with your entire home’s décor, such as the stylish Minka Aire F843-DK. Their technique of approaching elegance is simple because they do not use brassy colors or wild styles. On the other hand, Minka provides more personality in their ceiling fans by designing one-of-a-kind blade shapes and unique motor housing. In a sense, many of those features have also be credited to the Monte Carlo ceiling fan company both making high quality and elegant looking ceiling fans.

Due to the fact that Minka Aire is constantly expanding their wide range of quality ceiling fans, they have been industry-leaders in providing premium fans featuring unique designs. On top of that, a number of recent tests show that this manufacturer ceiling fans easily pass through intensive airflow and energy efficiency tests which mean that they are not just beautifully engineered, but also deliver exceptional airflow rate without spending much energy. Feel free to browse through our Minka Aire ceiling fan reviews below and see if you can find your perfect match.

Bestseller No. 1
MINKA-AIRE F845-DK Light Wave 44 inch Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Remote Control, Brown...
  • DESIGN: The smaller version of the popular Light Wave ceiling fan, the 44" Light...
  • INCLUDED: One RCS213 - Three-speed hand-held remote with full-range light...
  • MOTOR: Conveniently quiet, 3 speed - reversible DC motor. Run Summer and Winter...
  • DIMENSIONS: Measures 15'' from the ceiling to the lowest point of the fan with...
  • ADDITIONAL: Requires Bond hub BD-1000 (sold separately) to work with Amazon...
Bestseller No. 2
Minka-Aire F896-65-CL Xtreme H2O 65 Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan with DC Motor in Coal Finish
  • DESIGN: Sleek, Contemporary Style the XTREME H2O was crafted for indoor or...
  • BULB: Custom 20W LED Light Kit K9886L-BNW available for separate purchase
  • INCLUDED: One 6-Inch Downrod, One RC400 - Six-speed hand-held remote with on/off...
  • MOTOR: Conveniently quiet DC Motor
  • DIMENSIONS: Measures 13.5'' from the ceiling to the bottom of the fan with the...
Bestseller No. 3
Minka-Aire F844-WH Light Wave 52" Ceiling Fan, White with Remote and Additional Wall...
  • DESIGN: The Minka-Aire Light Wave ceiling fan is a truly unique design that...
  • BULB: The Light Wave ceiling fan includes an integrated 16 Watt Dimmable LED...
  • INCLUDED: One RCS213 - Three-speed hand-held remote, One WCS213 - Three-speed...
  • MOTOR: Conveniently quiet, 3 speed - reversible motor. Run Summer and Winter to...
  • DIMENSIONS: Measures 13.75'' from the ceiling to the lowest point of the fan...

7 Best Minka Aire Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan With Remote

Minka-Aire F843-DK Ceiling Fan

MINKA-AIRE F843-DK, Wave, 52 Inch Ceiling Fan with Remote Control, Brown Distressed Koa
  • DESIGN: The Minka-Aire Wave fan is truly unique design that draws inspiration...
  • BULB: No bulb/light included.
  • INCLUDED: One RCS213 - Three-speed hand-held remote and One 6-Inch Downrod
  • MOTOR: Conveniently quiet, 3 speed - reversible motor. Run Summer and Winter to...
  • DIMENSIONS: Measures 12.5'' from the ceiling to the lowest point of the fan with...
  • 52 Inch
  • Three Speed Settings
  • Handheld Remote
  • Purchase Bond BD-1000 Separately

Here is the widely popular Wave model that features a wooden brown and stylish design with three distressed koa wood blades. There are three different versions available that include silver, white and brown colored style. All of them are the same size that provides 52-inch blade span and pitched angled of 48 degrees to ensure that you can experience maximum comfort while the fan is at full speed. For those that like the F843 but would like more features the Mink-Aire F844 is another great option to consider.

This is an excellent option for those who need a trendy and creative looking ceiling fan for a large room. The motor is the heart and brain of the whole design, and it spins the durable blades efficiently to generate 6585 CFM air flow circulation. Every operation can be set by using the handheld remote that is included where you can program the three-speed levels and turn the fan on or off.

There is a 3.5″ and 6″ downrods included, along with an angled ceiling adapter for up to 21-degree angled ceilings. If your ceiling is angled 21 – 45 degrees, you can purchase an additional downrod to get the job done properly. Like every Minka Aire ceiling fan, this unit comes with a lifetime warranty.

Ceiling Fan With Wall Mount Remote

Minka-Aire F524-WHF Roto Ceiling Fan

MINKA-AIRE F524-WHF Roto 52 Inch Ceiling Fan 3 Blades in Flat White Finish
  • DESIGN: Sleek and contemporary in design, the Minka-Aire Roto is designed with a...
  • INCLUDED: WC105-WH - Four-speed wall Control with 2-Wire installation and 6"...
  • MOTOR: Conveniently quiet, 4 speed - reversible motor.
  • DIMENSIONS: Measures 11.75'' from the ceiling to the lowest point of the fan...
  • OPTIONAL: Compatible RCS223 remote control can be purchase separately.
  • 52 Inch
  • 4 Speed Wall Control
  • Quiet
  • Reverse Mode

Next up is the famous Roto from Minka and this unit comes with an attractive flat white design. Moreover, it was engineered with three white blades that provide a blade sweep diameter of 52 inches, and a 22 degree pitched angle which makes this an excellent indoor ceiling fan in larger rooms. This unit comes in three different styles to compliment various decoration needs and includes brushed white, distressed koa, flat white and oil rubbed bronze style. The motor is powerful but silent and generates up to 5816 CFM air flow.

It comes with a wall mounted control where you can set four different speed levels. You can not set it to spin reverse using the remote, but there is a reverse-mode switch on the housing that you can use to reverse the airflow in the room manually. There is also a 3.5″ and 6″ downrods to ensure that the mounting is a hassle-free process. The included downrods can be used on angled ceilings up to 21 degrees, but if you need an adapter for 21 – 45 angled ceilings, you will need to purchase one separately. This unit is, of course, backed up with a lifetime warranty from the Minka Aire stable to make this a fair deal.

Classic Ceiling Fan

Minka-Aire F659-DRF Classica Ceiling Fan

MINKA-AIRE F659-DRF Classica 54 Inch Pull Chain Ceiling Fan in Driftwood Finish
  • DESIGN: Traditional European and Old World design, the Classica ceiling fan is...
  • BULB: No bulb included. The Classica ceiling fan has an optional Universal Light...
  • INCLUDED: 6" Downrod
  • MOTOR: Conveniently quiet, 3 speed Pull Chain- reversible motor. Run Summer and...
  • DIMENSIONS: Measures 14'' from the ceiling to the lowest point of the fan with...
  • 54 Inch
  • 3 Speed Pull Chain
  • Reversible Motor
  • Metal/Plywood

Here is the popular Classica design that consists of an eye-catching driftwood body and comes with five durable and elegant blades. The overall blade span features a 54-inch diameter with a 14-degree blade pitched angle. There are five different designs to choose from; so that you can rest assured that you can find a unit that complements your room’s décor. The styles include Belcaro walnut, antique white, driftwood, French beige and patina iron style.

To operate the three speed and turn the light (sold separately) on or off, there is a pull-chain and a reversing switch that allows you to reverse the airflow circulation. That way, you can set the fan to recirculate warm air from the ceiling around the room in winter, or generate a chill-wind effect during summer. Just like every Minka Aire ceiling fan, this unit includes 3.5″ and 6″ downrods and also an adapter for angled ceiling that works up to 21 degrees. There is no light kit included, but you can invest in a compatible light kit for this ceiling fan. There is also a lifetime warranty to ensure that this is a fair deal for everyone.

Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Minka-Aire F887-72-BN Xtreme Ceiling Fan

MINKA-AIRE F887-72-BN Xtreme 72 Inch Ceiling Fan with DC Motor in Brushed Nickel Finish
  • DESIGN: Sleek, Contemporary and Industrial in design, the Minka-Aire Xtreme 72"...
  • INCLUDED: One RC400 - Six-speed hand-held remote with On/Off plus full-range...
  • MOTOR: Conveniently quiet, 6 speed - reversible DC motor. Run Summer and Winter...
  • DIMENSIONS: Measures 13.5'' from the ceiling to the lowest point of the fan with...
  • ADDITIONAL: Requires Bond hub BD-1000 (sold separately) to work with Amazon...
  • 72 Inch
  • Aluminium
  • 6 Speed Remote Control
  • Dimmable Light

This is the most powerful unit in our countdown and if you are looking for a powerful, but silent unit to circulate a massive amount of air in a huge living space with a high ceiling, then this is your number one option. The Xtreme comes in two different styles that include brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze design. There are also four sizes that range from 72 to 96-inch blade span with 4 degrees pitched angled.

In order to efficiently circulate a large amount of air, there are eight sturdy silver blades attached to the powerful motor. The blades, along with the motor, can generate up to 10500 CFM air flow capacity. The six-speed remote control allows you to control everything from the palm of your hand. There is also a wall holster that you can mount to the wall to keep the remote always in its place when you leave the room.

This unit also features reverse-mode where you can program the fan to bring warm air from the ceiling during winter, or create a comfortable wind-effect on summer. It includes everything you need to mount it to a standard or angled ceiling using the 3.5″ and 6″ downrods (up to 21 degrees). It is safe to conclude that this ceiling fan does exactly what it says on the tin, it moves the air around, and it does it extremely efficiently.

You should consider the Xtreme if you have an open space with very high ceilings. It is not a budget friendly unit, but quality comes with a price. Plus, you are backed up with a lifetime warranty in the unlikely event that you are not happy with its performance.

Ceiling Fan With LED Light

Minka-Aire F1000-BN Dyno Ceiling Fan

Minka-Aire F1000-BN, Dyno, 52" Ceiling Fan, Brushed Nickel
  • DESIGN: The Dyno is generous in size, style, adaptability and function. It's...
  • BULB: The Dyno ceiling fan includes an integrated 16 Watt Dimmable LED Light...
  • INCLUDED: One RCS213 - Three-speed hand-held remote control and One 6-Inch...
  • DIMENSIONS: Measures 14.5'' from the ceiling to the lowest point of the fan....
  • ADDITIONAL: Requires Bond hub BD-1000 (sold separately) to work with Amazon...
  • 52 Inch
  • Dimmable LED Light Kit
  • 3 Speed Remote Control
  • Connent to WiFi

Our next pick is the highly favored Dyno model that features a sophisticated design and unique dimmable LED light module. There are few design options to choose from that include a brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze and a plain white design. All styles come with a beautiful light fixture and an attractively crafted five reversible blade that you can change style by reversing the blade to create a dark walnut or maple color to fit your décor needs.

There is a hand held remote control included that you can use to set 3 different speed levels and operate the light module. You can not use the remote to reverse the spin direction, but there is a manual switch on the motor housing that allows you to enjoy a year-round comfort. There are five blades that provide 52-inch blade span with 12 degrees pitched angle. There are two downrods included that measures 3.5 and 6 inches that allow you to mount it up to a 21degree ceiling angle. Minka Aire stands by all their products 100% and they are so confident that you will enjoy their units that they offer a lifetime warranty on all their ceiling fans.

Small Ceiling Fan

Minka-Aire F510-WH Spacesaver Ceiling Fan

Minka-Aire F510-WH Downrod Mount, 3 White Blades Ceiling fan with 30 watts light, White
  • Minka Aire ceiling fan includes (1) 50 Watt T4 (E11 base) Halogen bulb with...
  • Designed with a white body, this indoor ceiling fan was crafted with Three White...
  • Control included: WC110 - Four-speed wall control with full-range light dimming....
  • Dimensions: Measures 11'' from the ceiling to the bottom of the fan. This...
  • Includes Flush Mount Canopy. Installation on angled ceilings is not recommended
  • 26 Inch
  • Halogen Light
  • 4 Speed Wall Control
  • Dimmable Light

Our last item on the list is also a very budget-friendly item and this time we will look at the popular Space-saver from Minka. Here we have an extremely compact but efficient ceiling fan that features a strong and powerful motor that generates up to 1250 CFM airflow rate at highest speed. This is an ideal solution for those who are looking for a contemporary looking ceiling fan for a small room. It comes with three durable white blades and a light module that consists of a 1x 50 watt light bulb that is covered with a stylish opal glass.

It includes a remote that you can use to operate four-speed levels and the light. It also features reversible motor switch on the motor housing that allows you to enjoy comfortable air circulation throughout the entire year. The blades provide 26-degree wing span with a 14-degree blade pitch. It comes with a flush mount canopy, but you should have in mind that this unit is not intended for angled ceiling. As always, Minka Aire offers you a lifetime warranty on this product.

Ceiling Fan With Remote and Light

Minka-Aire F518L-WH Ceiling Fan

Minka-Aire F518L-WH, Concept II LED White Flush Mount 44" Ceiling Fan with Light & Remote...
  • DESIGN: Simple and efficient in design, the Concept II is designed with a White...
  • BULB: The Conept II ceiling fan includes an integrated 14 Watt Dimmable LED...
  • INCLUDED: RCS212 - Three-speed hand-held remote with full-range light dimming,...
  • MOTOR: Conveniently quiet, 3 speed - reversible motor. Run Summer and Winter to...
  • DIMENSIONS: Measures 11.5'' from the ceiling to the lowest point of the fan....
  • 44 Inch
  • Dimmable LED Light
  • 3 Speed Handheld Remote
  • Quiet Motor

Our first pick in the Minka Aire countdown is the F518L-WH ceiling fan, that also made it into our top 10 list for the best ceiling fans. This is a stylish looking unit that provides a wingspan diameter of 44 inches. Therefore, this is an excellent solution for medium to large, low ceiling rooms. It comes with a removable light fixture and offers a 10-1/2″ hanging depth.

It features an elegant metal brushed nickel finish and three classy blades. There are also other sizes and styles available that include polished nickel, white finish, rubbed bronze, LED white and mahogany.

The three high-end blades provide 14-degree blade pitch to ensure efficient air circulation around the room. The blades are attached to a quality built motor that provides 4600 cubic feet per minute air flow rate and uses only 40 watts of electricity on full power. Therefore, the air flow efficiency is 115 cubic feet per minute.

A frosted glass lens shields the optional integrated light, and the fixture uses one 100W light bulb that is included. If you choose not to use the light, a solid coordinating cap is included and there is also a remote control included, so that you can operate the three-speed levels from the palm of your hand. On top of that, you can also operate the on/off switch and dim the light with the remote.

Moreover, you can set the fan to reverse the airflow to enjoy a year-round comfort and cut down on your energy bill. The company offers one of the lengthiest warranties in the business, and your purchase is protected for life.

Minka Aire Ceiling Fan Comparison Chart

Minka-Aire F843-DK52″SteelBrown19 pounds
Minka-Aire F524-WHF Roto52″Metal, WoodWhite14.76 pounds
Minka-Aire F659-DRF54″N/ADriftwood26.4 pounds
Minka-Aire F887-72-BN72″N/ASilver20 pounds
Minka-Aire F1000-BN52″N/ABrushed Nickel15 pounds
Minka-Aire F510-WH26″GlassWhite11 pounds
Minka-Aire F518L-WH44″Metal, GlassWhite26 pounds

Important Factors to Consider

Homeowners are relying too much on design and cost when scouting for a ceiling fan. However, the key components that constitute a quality ceiling fan aren’t always visible to the naked eye. Even though they can turn out to be crucial elements when finding out what is the ideal unit that fits your living area, there are certainly other elements that you need to take into account.

Minka Aire is known to use innovative industry skills and top notch expertise to determine the main factors that constitute a quality and well-built ceiling fan fixture. They know that it is crucial for the buyer to select a fan that has been intensively tested based on the motor performance, design, airflow and blades efficiency. Therefore, Minka Aire understands how the performance holds in hand with each element and that is the reason why they work so hard to deliver a unit that fits your style and needs.

It is not an easy task to pick out the best fan for your living space. However, if you do your homework to identify your strongest pick, the selection process will be a lot easier. Furthermore, you will end up with a fan that will last you for years to come. Having said that, it is important that you gather the correct information, carefully inspect the correct components, along with the overall performance and then you will be well on your way to make an educated purchase.

Below, you will find important factors that you should look further into when deciding on which model from the Minka Aire fits your style and demands. All Minka Aire versions are known to be energy efficient. In other words, they are developed to deliver maximum performance, using minimum energy. Have a look at the important factors below and check if you can narrow down your list to the very best fan that suits your requirements.

Air Flow Rate

This is an important factor to take into account and is a very effective route to determine the overall efficiency of your desired Minka Aire unit. The airflow rate basically states the volume of the airflow that a fan is capable of generating per any given minute and is often calculated in cubic feet per minute (CFM). A Cubic feet per minute is the widely known form of description and explanation when we discuss cooling, heating and ventilation.

Moreover, there is one important factor that is often overlooked by buyers, and that is wind speed. Wind speed, or airflow rating is a very important part of determining where components have to be mounted. If you end up with a product that generates a high wind speed (mph), you should avoid installing the ceiling fan over a workstation.

Have in mind that wind speed and CFM do share the volume of work that a ceiling fan can perform and these are considered two different measurement elements. In other words, wind speed dictates the velocity of the moving air, while cubic feet per minute measures the volume of air that the ceiling fan circulates every minute when in operation.


Watt is a term that is used to calculate the amount of electricity that a particular product uses while it is in operation. In short, a watt is the power that measures the energy volume in accordance with time.

Evidently, ceiling fans use electricity to operate and therefore, it goes without saying that the measurement we use to calculate the power consumption of a ceiling is called wattage. The reason is that watt enables us to evaluate the total amount of electric power a ceiling fan utilizes during any moment in time. For that reason, understanding wattage and the total rate of power (in this case electricity) that is being used by a ceiling fan while in operation, is crucial to understand air flow efficiency.


The motor is one of key components of a ceiling fan because this is the brain behind the right airflow circulation inside the living space where you mount the ceiling. Moreover, the motor is also responsible for quiet, smooth and comfortable operation. All Minka’s Aire motors are large and made out of high-quality components that ensure superior quality performance.

Moreover, their motors perform much better than their competitors, thanks to Minka Aire innovative technology in the production process that results in improved efficiency when compared to similarly priced ceiling fans. Therefore, the size, quality, power, and efficiency of their ceiling fans motors are elements that you can trust if you decide to go for Minke Aire.


Here is another important factor to bear in mind before you make your final buying decision. It doesn’t matter what brand you are focusing on, the procedure to calculate the blade pitch is the same for every manufacturer. It is the angled degree of the blades to control or handle the amount of air. Therefore, the angle, also known as pitch angle, is measured in degrees and every manufacturer states the pitch angle for their product to determine maximum air circulation and efficiency. Although the pitch angle calculations remain the same between manufacturers, the pitch angle differs between models and can range from 4 degrees up to 20 degrees.

As stated above, blades differ in style and quality. Therefore, other elements related to the blade such as the shape, number of blades, the blade size, material of the blades and the design are all crucial factors in the CFM ranking process. All Minka Aire ceiling fans are constructed from real hardwood or durable maintenance-free plastic, and the number of blades can range from three to nine blades.

Moreover, the Minka Aire collection of ceiling fans can range from a simple blade design to a technologically innovated engineered blade that features either curved shape or flat shape. Therefore, if you decide to pick Minka Aire, you will be able to select from a wide range of different blade designed that feature the perfect blade pitch to generate comfortable airflow around the room.

Last but not least, we need to discuss the length of the blade, or in other words, blade span. This is commonly measured as a diameter of the whole ceiling fan. Therefore, smaller fans range in diameter from 22 inches all the way up to 40 inches in blade span. There are also medium-sized fans on the market that have blade size ranging from 40 inches up to 50 inches and the larger units can range in size up to over 60 inches.

If you are wondering about the ideal blade span, you need to measure and understand the size of the room that you plan to mount the fan. If you end up with a fan that fits perfectly in the living space, then you will experience the ideal air circulation in the room and you will get the most out of the performance of the ceiling fan.


The design plays a huge role in the buying process. The truth is that the ceiling fan needs to compliment the décor in the room that it is mounted. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration exactly how complex and precise work has gone into the manufacturing process of your desired ceiling fan. Although you should never base your final buying decision on the artisan design alone, it is still an important factor to consider.

Here are few factors that you can take into account that are known to increase the fan ratings and ensure its quality: – unique design, – award recipient, – accredited designer, – elegant motor housing, – downrod that matches canopy & housing, – high quality finishes & coating, – quality construction materials and durable wooden blades.


As we have mentioned here above, comparing and choosing the perfect fan that fits your décor needs can be a daunting task because there is too much information available online. However, below are few pointers that you can use to help you narrow down your list further. There are many elements that need your attention, and you need to understand your needs to end up with a unit that will complement the room’s décor. You need to compare the motor, airflow efficiency, design, blade pitch and the manufacturer. Of course, there are more factors that you should take into account, but these are the most important elements that you should compare between ceiling fans that you plan to mount indoors.

The same principles apply for outdoor ceiling fans but for that category, you should look further into the weather protected components that make up an outdoor ceiling fan. Check if the motor is properly sealed to withstand different weather elements and if the blades are rated with high UL ratings. It might also be worth it to take a closer look at other well know ceiling fan brands in this article.

Moreover, for outdoor fans, the blades need to be efficient enough to move a lot of air in a large space. If the motor and blades are designed to withstand the hardest weather elements, such as rain, snow and humidity, then you will get the most out of the unit every time you use it.

Now, if you are looking for a ceiling fan that perfectly fits into a small room, then you need to consider the height of the ceiling carefully. For larger rooms, you need to consider the blade span, motor efficiency, and CFM to end up with a fan that will perform beyond your expectations.

Also, you should consider if you need a light fixture. Having an ambient lighting can truly transform the room’s decoration. Moreover, you can even invest in a ceiling fan with light and easily remove the light fixture and replace it with a steel plate.


It is extremely important that the ceiling fan that you end up with is properly regulated by a recognized institution and standards. There are very strict regulations in the US that ceiling fan needs to undergo before they receive a quality stamp. These regulations are often time-consuming and expensive for manufacturers, but if the fan is regulated it assures the highest quality and you can expect exceptional performance.

Over the years, regulations have improved significantly and today regulated ceiling fans go through intensive testing to ensure that they perform exactly like advertised. Few of the elements that are tested include: various speed controls, various lighting fixtures, adjustable light, adjustable speed, reverse spin mode, indoor capacity, outdoor capacity, airflow efficiency and motor performance.

These are just few examples and there are more tests involved in order for the ceiling fan to receive a well-known accreditation, such as UL, ETL and Energy Star ratings that all have their own specific tests to approve qualified ceiling fans. Below are further explanations about these ratings:

UL Listing ensures that ceiling fans undergo extensive experiment to confirm that they meet every one of the Underwriters Laboratories requirements. Moreover,  there are extra testing factors that differentiate the ceiling fans into damp, wet and indoor ratings.

Indoor ratings exclusively fulfill requirements for indoor locations while wet rated fans meet criteria for outdoor weather conditions. Damp rating ensures that the ceiling fan is certified for usage outdoors, but not in direct contact with wet weather elements.

Ceiling fans with the ETL certification are confirmed to be in compliance with US safety and quality requirements. If your ceiling fan features the ETL stamp, you can rest assured that they provide top-rated quality.

The Energy Star rating is known to offer long-winded testing procedures to safeguard that your ceiling fan will pass efficiency standards. The Energy Star measures several details like air flow, pressure, amps, temperature, and humidity.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Minka Aire delivers only the very best fans that provide wonderful decor solutions for any room or outdoor living space. They have been growing rapidly over the past few years, thanks to their durable and quality built ceiling fans that have been receiving excellent reviews all over the Internet.  If you decide to go for a Minka Aire, there is no doubt that your choice of purchase is completely covered because Minka Aire offers a lifetime warranty, so you are covered in the unlikely event that you run into any problems with your ceiling fan.

Once you find your top-rated Minka Aire ceiling fan, you’ll receive a first class unit that delivers high CFM and performance on a level that is hard to beat. Additionally, the blades are engineered using only the best quality, and along with the motor, you’ll enjoy reliable and constant airflow, without wasting an excessive amount of energy.

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