Can You Install A Ceiling Fan Without the Light Kit?

Do you possess a ceiling fan that is compatible as well as the light kit is already installed on it and you are curious to know if it is possible to remove the light kit from the fan without any hurdles? Here is what you need to know.

All ceiling fans cannot be installed without a light kit. Ceiling fans which can be installed without the kit will allow you to remove the kit easily (2-3 screws) and the kit also has a replacement cover. You need to ensure to properly cover and secure the wires of the light kit.

Let’s go a into an in-depth detail below. 

Can A Ceiling Fan Be Installed Without Light Kit?

Some ceiling fans contain a light kit when you purchase them, the package comes with a light kit. At times, the light kit is not available in the package, so you have to buy it separately but the fans are compatible with a light kit and they have the option to add it. to make it clear, the light kit is kind of a lamp that is fixed under the ceiling fan. The fixture is known as the kit because if you purchase it separately, the package will come with all the components you need to attach it to the fan such as cover, light socket and so on.

Usually, people give preference to lighting fixtures since a ceiling fan takes up space and it can be used for the lamp purpose too. However, in some cases, you may not need the light kit to be installed there. At times, it may not look good, if it is not compatible with your décor, it is hanging too low or other reasons.

In those cases, you may want to take off the light kit from your ceiling fan. Can you just get a ceiling fan you like and remove the lights? There are three types of ceiling fans:

  • Ceiling fans with a built-in light kit (unremovable)
  • Ceiling fan without light kit option
  • Ceiling fans with removable light kit

The units come with a built-in light kit, they will be unremovable as they do not have option to take it off. Yes, you can still cut it off with the help of an angle grinder and cover up the damage but it will also damage the look and it may cause irreversible damage to the fan.

Ceiling fans that don’t have the option to add a light kit will save you from the headache of removing it as they do not support it and you have nothing to take off.

The main type is the one that come with a removable light kit.

How will you know if your ceiling fan has a removable light kit? This detail will be available in the user manual. If you purchased a new fan, the manual is available in the package that tells you if it is possible. If the manual is misplaced or you are not able to find it, you can search for it online if your fan is from a well-known brand. If you are unable to know anything, you will have to remove the fan from the ceiling and take it apart. Are there any screws attaching the light kit to the unit?

Most light kits can be removed with some simple screws. You need to take off the covers to find out if there are any.

However, the process does not end by removing the kit. After taking it off, your fan should be working properly and it should look ‘normal’ too. That means the attachment points and all the wires should be safely and properly covered up. It means that you will require a different cover for the bottom of the unit assembly. If the cover is not available in the box or packed by the manufacturer, your ceiling fan will look messy and the unit is also potentially dangerous.

So, if your ceiling fan contains a light kit that can be removed easily from some screws and a replacement cover is also available to cover things, you can install it without the light kit. If there is no replacement cover and it is affixed permanently, you should get another fan.

Ceiling fan with integrated light kit.

How To Install A Ceiling Fan Without Light Kit

So, if you can install a ceiling fan without the light kit entirely depends on the fan you have purchased. If the kit can be detached easily from the fan and a replacement cover is also present to cover the holes of the screws and wires available in it.

If both of these things are available to you, here is how to remove the light kit from your fan.

  • Switch off the power. You should not take any risk as you’re handling the inside of an electrical appliance. 
  • Locate the screws that hold the light kit on the fan. It should be under the cover. 
  • Remove the light kit from the fan. 
  • Disconnect the wires from the light kit
  • Cover the wire ends securely so they should not make a contact anywhere. Electrical tape can get the job done but make sure to use it right and use high quality tape so it can last. 
  • Tuck the wires into the housing and ensure that they do not get tangled when the fan is working.
  • Install the replacement cover
  • Switch on the power again.

The provided guide is for ceiling fans that are already installed but the same procedure can be used for newly uninstalled fans.

Covering up the exposed copper of the wires is necessary and you need to ensure it. exposed wires can result in a short circuit which can not only damage the fan but can do worse; fires. Electrical tape is the right option if applied correctly although you can also use a shrink tube too.

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